Experiments and Intensities Series

Cathy is happy to have joined the editorial board for the series, ‘Experiments and Intensities’, published by Winchester University Press. This is a new hybrid series of innovative artist-style publications, bringing together elements of the curated exhibition/performance series, the academic journal, the Francophone tradition of the cahier and the artist’s book to engage with performance as research in the languages of art. Winchester University Press will be publishing volumes/numbers of this series to a central electronic platform as e-books with full ISBN. Periodically, physical objects may be published in unusual (artist-book) style formats, when artistically appropriate to the theme of the volume. The series is currently seeking audiovisual submissions that explore what we’re calling ex-trauma, or the opposite of traumatic, in performed art (by May 30th 2011, by e-mail to Yvon.Bonenfant at Winchester) For more information see:


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