A Mis-Guide to Kochi

Mis-Guide Insides For Web Spread

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A Mis-Guide is not a guide. It is an incitement to look again, to rub your eyes and see the city that is hiding in plain sight.

The Mis-Guide does not hold the answers or tell you what to do or where to go. It offers some prompts, some questions, some observations – and hopes that you will do the rest.

This one has been made for Fort Kochi and Mattancherry by five young artists, under the mentorship of artist Vipin Dhanurdharan (from Kerala), and curator Sumitra Sunder (from Bengaluru). Vipin’s work around Kochi, looking at the waterways, their stagnation and significance, itself acts as a kind of Mis-guide, thinking about Kochi’s water routes in unfamiliar ways http://uruartharbour.com/work/vipin-dhanurdharan-petrichor/.

Amal Paily, Kunji Kuttan Narayanan, Manu Mohan Pallivathukkal, Smija Vijayan and Rithun Manohar (all students at RLV College of Music and Fine Arts) discovered and responded to different aspects of the area, rediscovering it for themselves, and reflecting their walks in their artworks.