Wrights & Sites launch ‘The Architect-Walker: A Mis-Guide’

We will be launching our new ‘Mis-Guide’, in which we think about the ways in which walking contributes to architecture and architectural thinking, re-making the world while exploring it. The event will be at the Boston Tea Party, Exeter, May 28th. Four walks kick it off, during the afternoon. Mine is at 3 pm, and we will be taking a rest at frequent intervals (although be advised that this does not guarantee a restful or comfortable stop).We’ll be thinking about how we rest in the city, what we rest or seek a break from, who is allowed to rest where, and how we create, or might create restful spaces.

In the evening, there will be talks from us and from guest Jen Bagelman (University of Exeter, Geography), with an exhibition of photographs from Stuart Crewes, who designed the book, and with sounds from Tony Whitehead. 

More information and booking here.