David Harradine

David is Artistic Director of Fevered Sleep, a company making new work in performance, publication and visual art, for children and for adults. As a Research Fellow in performance at the University of Winchester, his research project, ‘Written With Light’¬†has been an exploration¬†of the relationship between light, photography, performance and landscape.

With Fevered Sleep he is currently developing a number of new projects, including:

Invisible Things – a book, co-written with Synne Behrndt in collaboration with book designers Valle Walkley, which documents, deconstructs and reflects on the process of devising An Infinite Line: Brighton, a three part project made for the 2008 Brighton Festival, which was a response to the particular quality of natural light in Brighton.

The Forest – a dance/visual theatre performance for children aged 5 to 7, which is the first of a series of landscape-themed projects for children.

On Ageing – a theatre piece about becoming old, which will be performed by seven children and an elderly singer.

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