Writing Space Publication

Writing Space will be the subject of a special 30th issue of Studies in Theatre and Performance in early 2010, edited by Cathy Turner.

The issue will contain texts written for the project alongside additional material. The aim is to focus a discussion about encounters with a diversity of writing practices and processes and the possibility for dialogue across an expanded field.

I hope that the issue will offer ways into discussing formal experimentation that can engage researchers and students interested in a diversity of practices, proposing a ‘radical inclusivity’ (MacDonald 2007) as it attempts¬†to¬†demonstrate and facilitate a productive, rigorous yet generous dialogue between those interested in ‘playwriting’, those in ‘performance writing’ and those whose artistic practice involves, but is not identified primarily with writing.

Expected contributors include: Emma Bennett, Sarah Dickenson, Karen Juers-Munby, David Lane, Claire MacDonald, Stacy Makishi, Mary Noonan, Michael Pinchbeck, Tanya Ronder, Cathy Turner, Steve Waters

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