Wrights & Sites update Sept 09

As our project on ‘constructed situations’ or ‘fragile architectures’ has found shape, Wrights & Sites has been completing manifestos, proposals and practical experiments towards a book, provisionally titled ‘Leaving the Building’.

On Sept 2nd, we visited the Polytek building in Exeter, an old warehouse that formerly manufactured a wide range of plastic goods and is now used by the Charity Bookcycle for storing their stock of used books.

The space is currently hosting a joint exhibition between Central St Martins and Form 82, Exeter (running till 13th September Thurs-Sun 12-6 or by appointment). See www.thelazysusan.net

Our own experimentation was more provisional and ad hoc, around the back of the building, not in full view and not intended to remain. We built makeshift structures, collections, auditoria, offices out of plastics, old books and broken breezeblocks.