Wrights & Sites commission for Weston-Super-Mare

Wrights & Sites have now completed a major commission to create public art work for Weston-Super-Mare. Entitled Everything you need to build a town is here, the commission is from Situations and Field Arts projects and is funded by CABE as part of its ‘Sea Change’ programme.

It is part of ‘Wonders of Weston’, a programme of six public art works by Ruth Claxton, Tim Etchells, Lara Favoretto, Tania Kovats, Raumlabor Berlin and ourselves.

We have created a series of textual signs to be placed at various sites through the town of Weston, working with designers Polimekanos. These signs draw attention to the architectural layers or ‘strata’ that make up the town and suggest small actions that invite the passer by to consider their own contribution to and engagement with that architecture.

The website can be found at http://www.wondersofweston.org/artists/