Review in Studies in Theatre and Performance, 36.2, 2016

‘Dramaturgy and Architecture is an important addition to emerging debates on the relationship between theatre, architecture and the built environment, demonstrating how thinking dramaturgically can contribute to understandings of contemporary critical spatial practice. Turner’s argument that dramaturgy can function variously as critical heterotopia and/or experimental utopia – a space for ‘transductive utopianism’ (195) – is compelling and productive, and the coupling of historical case studies with present day continuities is particularly helpful. For some, the discursive nature of the book’s case studies might be a source of frustration, but for me, this was the source of its delight, opening up possibilities for further thought and encouraging experiment and play. Dramaturgy and Architecture is the first book in the Palgrave series New Dramaturgies, edited by Turner and Synne Behrndt, and sets out a promising direction for the series as a whole. Turner has contributed a rich and productive articulation of the role and function of dramaturgy in relation to theatre, architecture and everyday life.’

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