‘New Dramaturgies’ issue of CTR, Issue 4: 2009

Cathy Turner and Synne Behrndt are editing a special issue of Contemporary Theatre Review on the theme of ‘New Dramaturgies’, ┬áto be published in 2010. The call for papers can be found below – deadline Sept 15th.

The ways in which we understand and apply the terms ‘dramaturgy’ and ‘dramaturgical practice’ have had to change in response to the changing landscape of contemporary performance practice.

This issue proposes that there is a real need to investigate these changes and to bring together different perspectives from a range of countries and contexts to draw together the threads of debate around dramaturgy and the dramaturg. We want to consolidate and examine a number of emerging aspects within contemporary performance from a dramaturgical perspective as well as to discuss contemporary practice’s implications for dramaturgical thinking and process. We are looking for papers in three main areas: ‘Dramaturgy as a term or a concept’; ‘The Production of new dramaturgies’; ‘Spectatorship’.