CTR 20.2, ‘New Dramaturgies’ published

This special issue, edited by Cathy Turner and Synne Behrndt, has now been published.

Contents are as follows:

Notes on Contributors

Editorial – Cathy Turner and Synne K. Behrndt

Mis-Guidance and Spatial Planning: Dramaturgies of Public Space – Cathy Turner

Towards a Theatre of Encounter and Experience: Reflexive Dramaturgies and Classic Texts – Peter M. Boenisch

Dramaturgy and Agendas of Change: Tinderbox and the Joint Sectoral Dramaturgy Project – Mary Luckhurst

Dance, Dramaturgy and Dramaturgical Thinking – Synne K. Behrndt

Geographies of Requiredness: Notes on the Dramaturg in Collaborative Devising – David Williams

External and Internal Dramaturgies: The French Context – Clare Finburgh

Distance Dramaturgy – Deirdre Heddon and Alexander Kelly

Endnote – Introduction – Cathy Turner and Synne K. Behrndt

Endnote – Stephen Hodge




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